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André Henrique de Paula
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works"
Steve Jobs
André Henrique de Paula, coordinator, translator and terminologist, was born in Assis, São Paulo, Brazil, where he also attended Language School at UNESP. His adventurous spirit took him to Germany, where later he began to study Translation and Interpretation at the University of Heidelberg.

As the coordinator of Translation Design, he started his career as a professional translator in localization projects, translating the user's interface of the SAP / R3, an ERP system for business managing developed by one of the biggest software companies in the world, SAP AG, based in Germany.

Since then, he has been working determinedly to reach a high level of excellence in technical translations.

Nowadays, his activities are focused on the laboratory products field and odontology offices, pieces for the automobile industry, industrial and real estate automation, technology for the environment and the information technology - IT, among other fields.

Being a technical translator means knowing the product, software, functioning of the machine and creating a good text so that the final reader understands it.

The Germans say "man lernt nie aus" which means "living and learning". This is the motto that technical translators should have in mind. They must be willing to face new challenges and accomplish projects in new areas.

André de Paula has also invested in courses and in the study of specialized works in the fields he works. So, Translation Design clients gain the most benefit from his technical expertise.

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